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Minecraft Forge API 1.7.5 Minecraft 1.7.5

Minecraft Forge API was developed in a great purpose and every minecrafter out there should be thankful to the developer for its great idea and for its work. You know how it says that you have to forge something before it become what it should be, right? Well, that is kind of what Minecraft Forge API does. It forges minecraft into becoming something better than ever. Everything is evolving from the technology to our mentality. But wait, we are talking about minecraft. That’s right, in minecraft things are evolving too! Think about how the vanilla version of minecraft looks like and then think about its current version. There is a big difference between back then and the present and this difference is defined as a good change to everything this mod means. We know how mod evolved in the last period of time and they are evolving faster and faster, all of them coming with great changes and great features that should entertain us more or less, but we should be optimistic and hope that all MODs that will be released from now on will be as amazing as any other mods that you have installed at this moment. This is a replacement for ModLoader but unfortunately not an official replacement because you can’t just erase some guy work, so it is a replacement because the minecrafters thought about it that way.


Features and changes

You know how any feature counts? Well, Minecraft Forge API has a lot of great features and also there are some amazing changes that come with this version. Just stay put and you will find everything about them. And I will like to start with the features list, so here is it:

  • Much more MODs are now compatible with Minecraft Forge API;
  • New usage techniques have been implemented;
  • New unique GUI have been added;
  • Also there are more but I presented you only the most important ones.

That are the most important features that you must know before you download Minecraft Forge API. Now, let’s take a look on the changes and see how big they are and how these changes could help us. There are four major changes and I will present them to you right now:

  • Runtime Deobfuscation. Minecraft will be deobfuscate by FML to srg names at runtime and this will provide a staibler codebase for modders and developers. What this means? It means that smaller MODs will not have to update for new minecraft versions, but this is not guaranteed;
  • New branched build system. It allows you to easily build forge for multiple versions of minecraft without crashing the build server;
  • Minecraft Rendering Engine. It allows all the textures from your game to be stitched together into the memory and threated as a single textured;
  • TESR Culling. For the end user the significant performances will increase in the areas with a lot of tile entites.

Changelog Build FMI 7.9.0

  • Attempt to allocate a 8-bit stencil buffer when creating Minecraft’s display context. If that throws an error it will revert back to it’s default values.
  • Also contains a method for modders to rereive how many bits the context was created with.
  • EntityPlayer sensitive version of Item.isValidArmor, deprecated older version.
  • Changed to just plane entity for flexability.
  • New RenderPlayer and RenderLiving events.
  • Update forge_at.cfg
  • Separate EQUIPPED and EQUIPPED_FIRST_PERSON Item Render Types
  • Capture and fire the PlaySoundAtEntity event for The client entity. Minecraft does some odd bypasses for no good reason. Thanks iPixile for reporting this.
  • Update to 1.7.5 PR.

Installation tutorial:

Minecraft 1.7

  1. Download and run the new Minecraft launcher at least once.
  2. Download launcher installer for Minecraft Forge, below!
  3. Now open the file that you downloaded (minecraftforge-installer-1.7.5-
  4. You make a simple click on “OK”!
  5. Open MINECRAFT launcher and select the new Forge profile.
  6. Enjoy!

Minecraft 1.4, 1.5

  1. Download Minecraft Forge API;
  2. Locate your bin folder inside your minecraft folder and open your minecraft.jar file;
  3. Drag all the content of the downloaded Minecraft Forge API (.class files, not zip file)  into your minecraft.jar file;
  4. Delete META-INF folder;
  5. You are done! Have fun.

for Minecraft 1.7.5:

Download Minecraft Forge API installer for Minecraft 1.7.5
[/viral-lock] Download Minecraft Forge API installer for Minecraft 1.6.2

Download Minecraft Forge API for Minecraft 1.6.2

Download Minecraft Forge API for Minecraft 1.6.1

Download Minecraft Forge API for Minecraft 1.5.2

Download Minecraft Forge API for Minecraft 1.5.1

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eMinecraft aims to provide you with the simplest method of downloading the newest version as well as even older versions of your favorite Minecraft Resources.
  • disqus_DdcNyqYSaR

    i followed your steps and it didnt work.could someone help

    • TankBuster50

      Don’t forget to delete your META-inf

      • disqus_DdcNyqYSaR

        I did.oh…wait i think i draged in minecraft.jar the … folder at the top.do you think its cause of that?

        • http://www.facebook.com/freddy.mccormick.1 Freddy McCormick

          which one did u delete, the minecraft.jar one or the forge one

          • disqus_DdcNyqYSaR

            the minecraft.jar one i could not find.but i deleted the forge one

  • TankBuster50

    Why it doesnt work pls reply i followed but it always crash is it my laptop requirements

    • eMinecraft

      Forgot to delete META-INF from minecraft.jar?

      • gabriel angelo

        i did dude i think i know damn it forge doesnt work on mineshafter (alternate free minecraft/crack) looks like i need to get a gift code cause i m young

      • gabriel angelo

        ps: its tankbuster50

  • Lily Wells

    my mine craft.jar isn’t a folder it’s a file an when i try and open it it says could not be launched check console for for possible error messages. HELP!

    • http://www.facebook.com/freddy.mccormick.1 Freddy McCormick

      USE 7-ZIP

    • TomPro

      Open it with either 7 zip or win rar. both have free trials.

    • ryan5685

      change the name to minecraft.zip and then unzip it.
      change the name of the folder to minecraft.jar.

  • Nyanshades11

    It just stays on the first “Mojang” page it shows after logging in, help? I deleted META-inf…

  • Natalina Coghlan

    how do i get a WORKING mod folder, because i can’t find one, and every time i make one it fails

  • gayyyyyyyyy

    awesome mother fucker

  • gayyyyyyyyy

    that pyrimid is fucking awesome

    • Ryan

      I know right

  • meh

    right now 1.5.2 isnt downloading too many people trying to download at once?

  • disqus_jtVTqksSET


  • Ryan

    Hiya Dudes and Dudettes

  • jessica

    do we delete both meta-inf?

  • hretsg

    What does it cost?$?&

  • hretsg


  • hretsg


  • darcy

    where dose it say download

  • laurenk703

    how do i get it in minecraft after i download it

  • Maskivarnea

    I have two minecraft files in my bin file, One ( minecraft ) the other ( minecraft-1.8.1 ) but no .jar , what do i do now ?? MEDIC!!

    • http://www.eminecraft.net eMinecraft

      @Maskivarnea You must have “minecraft.jar” in folderu “bin”. Drag all the content of the downloaded Minecraft Forge API into your minecraft.jar file and delete META-INF.

  • omace

    I have no minecraft.jar file. I´ve dovnoloaded only .exe file which didn´t create any bin

    • http://www.eminecraft.net eMinecraft

      @omace You have launcher executable (Minecraft.exe), open .exe and wait for it to update and then follow the above tutorial!

  • AlexanderSilva

    my minecraft shows the mojang screen the goes to a black screen help mee!!!!

    • http://www.eminecraft.net eMinecraft

      AlexanderSilva  You delete folder META-INF from minecraft.jar?

  • evilxwantdxbrit

    my minecraft.jar doesnt open as a file

    • http://www.eminecraft.net eMinecraft

      evilxwantdxbrit you opened with WinRAR or 7ZIP?

      • evilxwantdxbrit

        eMinecraft evilxwantdxbrit winrar

        • http://www.eminecraft.net eMinecraft

          evilxwantdxbrit try and so. Right click on minecraft.jar -> Open with -> select WinRAR archiver

        • evilxwantdxbrit

          eMinecraft evilxwantdxbrit says cannot allocate required amount of memory

        • http://www.eminecraft.net eMinecraft

          evilxwantdxbrit I do not understand, the game will say or when you open minecraft.jar?

        • evilxwantdxbrit

          eMinecraft evilxwantdxbrit when i put the contact from the download into it (minecraft.jar)

        • http://www.eminecraft.net eMinecraft

          evilxwantdxbrit Minecraft was closed? Maybe you have some problems in your PC!

        • evilxwantdxbrit

          eMinecraft evilxwantdxbrit kk thanks for your help :)

  • Tristen Richmond

    Hey boys lol lawls

  • lioganda

    i installed forge just like you said and i got a black screen after the Mojang loading screen.. what do i do?

    • 1rottie105

      You probably forgot to delete minecraft.jar’s META-INF forlder and if you did you probably deleted the one in Forge also you need Forge’s META-INF file it works fine if you delete just minecraft.jar’s META-INF

  • maddog_murphy

    hey thanks!!!! been lookin where to download this finally thanks again ;)

  • Bill Bob

    I Got A MacBook Pro An I Tried To
    Downloaded minecraft.zip and it wont work
    So I Tried minecraft.jar
    And That Still Dont Work

  • Jman2001

    I just got a new laptop and it has windows 8. Just assume that I am computer illiterate (I’m not, but I know NOTHING about windows 8) I have no idea how to find my bin file. any help would be greatly aapreciated.

  • techno

    I cant find the minecraft.jar file!!! all i can find is .minecraft someone help me!?! .. call a technision

    • xXTheFallen96Xx

      Go into .Minecraft , Go to your bin folder, and it will either be minecraft.jar or just minecraft. Right click it and open it with WinRAR or whatever archiver you have. Hope this helped.

      • somedude

        THERE’S NO FUCKING BIN IM MC 1.6.2 !!!!!!!

    • EpicGamerBenz

      its in you appdataroaming.minecraftbin or you have deleted it

  • Memo

    Hey i have a question the file that i download have a Meta-Inf in,i delete that?

  • Ashcash

    C:Users(what ever your laptop name is)AppdataRoaming.Minecraft
    example here is mine
    or when you open the Minecraft Launcher go to options and it should be there in blue so click it.Hope it helps!!

    • Jman2001

      That did help! Thanks. It won’t let me open the minecraft.jar file. it keeps saying “A java exception has occurred” Any ideas??

      • Ashcash

        It you don’t have winrar you need to download it. Just go to the website and get the free trial (everybody gets that one). If you do have winrar, when you go to the file right click it and go to where it says “Open with” then you should click winrar. To keep it as default so you wont have to keep right clicking it, when you go to open with, click “Choose default program” then somewhere at the top or bottom it should probably say “Use this program this type of file” or similar to that. Make sure that box is checked then select winrar. You can tell if it is your default program if you see a little pile of books (the winrar sign) on the left of the file. After that, you should be able to open it!

  • NomBear

    What you have to do is click the start key and just type. No buttons pressed, just type the usual stuff.
    Roaming,blah blah blah

  • hammer61979

    how do i download it

  • Lolzerz

    After I deleted the META-INF file the loading screen passes then black any help?

  • God

    I can’t put the files into that other file, any help?

  • Crotch

    Deleting the META-INF in the .minecraft/mincraft jar. Will be important
    Also Delete the META-INF at the Forge Folder Too Actually,Do this no blackscreen will show

    • Juha

      That is not true. Blank screen follows.

    • HEROBRINE12345


  • eMinecraft

    Thank you for your support! :)

  • Herodote110

    I dont get this at all

  • tasha

    im confused its realy hard

  • xXTheFallen96Xx

    Guys, Only delete the META-INF file in Minecraft.jar NOT Forge, It will crash your minecraft and lead to black screens and major headaches.

  • skydoesminecraft


    • Ice Girl

      i cant ethier! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS?!

  • EpicGamerBenz

    in the minecraft forge file or in the minecraft.jar file?

  • EpicGamerBenz

    Yep, i tried that but it became black then i tried it with the META-INF in the forge file then it worked

  • EpicGamerBenz

    That happened to me on my sister’s computer

  • jj10035

    it wont work

  • Roboyed

    What the heck, I deleted META-INF and left the forge one alone and it still crashes some how.

  • frank

    What do u do if the minecraft.jar is a zip file???????????????????????

    • hani

      u open with ,java binary se

  • Jesus

    What is this used for?

  • Beanz

    There is no minecraft.jar file in the new 1.6.1 update? Someone said that it’s in the new “versions’ folder, but when I copy and paste the things from minecraft forge 1.6.1 into the 1.6.1 folder, and try to start up the game, my launcher doesn’t even let the game start. Please help!

  • Admin

    Yes memo you must delete that

  • Admin

    Memo you must delete the meta inf ;)

  • :P


  • Coterus

    whenever i install it it doesn’t even show up it just goes straight to the title screen and there isn’t even a place that says mods on there. i followed the instructions perfectly so please tell me how i can fix it

  • Downloadermc

    when i pick download minecraft forge api 1.6.1 so are it many options wich shall i choose?



  • bris

    doesnt work

  • Jikoo

    hey i installed forge but now my armor doesnt show on my player model what do i do?

  • sharly

    i have youtube! but crafting tutorial is not here ! me so mad!

  • gege wow wow

    were do I download it?

  • gerhard

    what if you deleted minecraft.jar how to restore that

  • NyanCrafter

    Once you download it can you just delete the META-Inf folder thats in the download and put in everything else?

    • eMinecraft

      View new installation tutorial!

    • tedityoooy9

      fucked noob

  • max

    it wont work I did the instructions pls reply what has gone wrong!!!

    • eMinecraft

      Now this post is update for MC 1.6.2 and Installation tutorial! :)

  • ethan

    why cant i dowlnload forge 1.6.1

  • soupbat

    when i download it it comes up with a white file installer instead of a folder

  • search555

    when I click on minecraftforge-universal.jar it doesnt open? please tell me how to fix this.

  • tyler

    im having tyroble

  • tyler

    im havig=ng trouble

  • tyler

    im on the 3rd step when i click it a downloads page opens up and the e exsploer it says of th d page what do u want to do w this file, i click open then nothing happens and if u click agian its only options are to save or save as???

  • tyler

    plz hlp plz

  • creeperscreep91

    i cant find my minecraft.jar file

  • Lucus Moustakas

    mine keeps crashing


    hey i just bought minecraft recently and don’t have the minecraft.jar

    wut do i do bout that?

    plz help me and my minecraft says this

    Client> 2013-07-17 16:35:56 [SEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] The minecraft jar file:/Users/student/Library/Application%20Support/minecraft/versions/1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.789/1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.789.jar!/net/minecraft/server/MinecraftServer.class appears to be corrupt! There has been CRITICAL TAMPERING WITH MINECRAFT, it is highly unlikely minecraft will work! STOP NOW, get a clean copy and try again!

    Client> 2013-07-17 16:35:56 [SEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] For your safety, FML will not launch minecraft. You will need to fetch a clean version of the minecraft jar file

    Game ended with bad state (exit code 1)

    Deleting /Users/student/Library/Application Support/minecraft/versions/1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.789/1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.789-natives-1374042953488280000

  • XLolKingX

    ok, this is exactly what i do. I run minecraft 1.6.2 once and then close it, then i come back here and scroll down to this ->Download Minecraft Forge API for Minecraft 1.6.2 and i click on it and download it. I then go to my downloads folder (I’m on a mac) and then see Minecraft-Forge-v1.6.2.jar. i click on it twice and then open the minecraft launcher. It does not work. I dont know how to fix this so please tell me how. Thanks in advance.

  • Torkoal1

    WTF!!! IT NO WORK!!!

  • Dragulea Dante Catalin

    I did the steps for 1.6 [ I have 1.6.2 ] but when i try to start it it says in Dev console that Job ‘Version & Libraries; finished with 2 failure(s) ! … What should i do ?

  • Shitty Lollol


  • Niklas Van Der Mersch

    Where is the launcher installer ?

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