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MCEDIT: Minecraft World Editor Tool 1.7.5 Minecraft 1.7.5

MCEDIT: Minecraft World Editor Tool for Minecraft 1.7.5 is a great tool and it gives you the ability to manipulate minecraft as much as you want, editing your world by making it as fun as you want. This tool is the most popular one because if you have enough creativity this would be everything you need to make your minecraft world an entertaining place. Mods will be no needed, the only thing you will need will be the texture packs for a high definition game. Tools are needed by everyone everywhere and if we are referring to minecraft, we need a great tool for what we are doing so we can’t waste any precious time with the boring stuff.


MCEDIT Features

As you may know, features represent the important stuff when we are talking about minecraft, so that’s why everyone is looking for a list of features. Are you ready? Here comes the list:

  • You can navigate the world using the WASD controls and mouse aiming;
  • Show the locations of dropped items, game entities including monsters and villagers, hidden ores;
  • Load saved games from current Minecraft versions;
  • Limited support for Minecraft Pocket Edition saved games;
  • Export blocks and game entities as a .schematic file to be imported by MCEdit or compatible programs;
  • Double-click on a chest to change its contents, or double-click on a mob spawner to choose what spawns;
  • Brush tool paints blocks in a round, diamond, or square shape with configurable size;
  • Paste brush allows you to import an object with a single click;
  • Flood Fill brush will change all blocks that form a connected mass;
  • Clone tool makes a copy of blocks and entities, optionally making multiple clones in a line or scaling the copy up or down;
  • Clone and Import tools can rotate an object around any axis, or flip it horizontally or vertically;
  • Filter plugins let users add functionality to MCEdit by writing Python code;
  • Move the world’s spawn point, automatically removing blocks to make sure the spawn point is acceptable to Minecraft;
  • Expand or contract the world’s size by adding or deleting chunks;
  • Chunks are the basis of Minecraft’s infinite saved game format;
  • Create new worlds or add chunks to existing worlds. The Minecraft Server can be harnessed to create natural terrain that meshes with the world’s existing seed;
  • Analyze feature counts the block and entity types in a selected area, optionally saving them to a .csv file;
  • Maintenance commands can delete all blocks, entities, or chunks in a selected region. This is useful for getting a “corrupted” world back into a playable state.

Installation tutorial:

Installing a tool is very easy in minecraft and like the most tools, MCEDIT: Minecraft World Editor Tool has its own installer. All you have to do is to download the MCEDIT: Minecraft World Editor Tool for Minecraft  1.7 and then just double-click the installer tool. After few minutes you will be done and as well able to enjoy it!

for Minecraft 1.7.5:
[viral-lock] Download Minecraft World Editor Tool for Minecraft 1.7.4/1.7.5

Download Minecraft World Editor Tool for Minecraft 1.6.1

Download Minecraft World Editor Tool for Minecraft 1.5.2

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    I got it to work. But, how do i get the mouse to move the camera? If that makes sense.. o.o

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      you rite click then move then rite click again to make stay still

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    ‘Download Minecraft World Editor Tool for Minecraft 1.5.2′. Beneath the installation tutorial, idiot.

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    Not bad…. only problem is when I updated MCWE, when I open a world, It flashes black and I can’t really see the world even. This is very annoying…. any known solution? :/

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  • Turner

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