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Magic Launcher Tool for Minecraft 1.7.5

Magic Launcher tool is a great tool and if you ever wanted to find something that can do your job for you, now you find it! Don’t waste any more time, check the features below and then download and experience it because you have nothing to lose! This tool is the most useful tool I have ever seen until now! Tools are great and now I’m not talking about minecraft, I’m talking about everything because these tools are made in the purpose to make our life easier and actually, they really do! Have you ever wonder why we always choose a tool instead of trying to do it with our bare hands? Because having a tool is not just easier, but having a tool means multitasking and if you are able to multitask then you will save some time for other stuff.


The same thing is with minecraft. We need a tool because it makes our life easier and we don’t waste time just because now the tool does everything for us. Is at simple at it sounds and if we ever desire about doing something, first we better search for some tool to do that thing for us so we don’t waste any time and just experience the results.
Being the most important part, features describe the best the idea of this tool, so if you want to know more about what you are installing, then just read the features and you will have the right information. This tool comes with some features for design, for minecraft and for mods and I will present you all.

Features for minecraft:

  • Selectable minecrat.jar;
  • The version is automatically detected;
  • Window size is configurable, also you can maximize it;
  • Minecraft folder and java executable are selectable;
  • Java memory limit and java custom parameters;
  • An error log is present too;
  • Configuration profiles and user remembering option.

Features for mods:

  • Mods now are loading in a dynamically way without changing the minecraft.jar file;
  • You don’t have to delete anymore the META-INF folder;
  • Mod compatibility is automatically checked and as well this feature is available for external mods ( they are detected first );
  • You can configure your external mods and also there is a shortcut for their folder;
  • There is a mod requirement check too ( ModLoader, Minecraft Forge API, etc. );

Design features:

  • Minecraft style.


  • Fixed window size, fullscreen and base folder for Minecraft 1.7, fixed twitter feeds to use direct links
  • Fixed missing sound, caused by the sound thread being interrupted while writing log. Fixed Forge mod detection when Forge is loaded as environment library. Fixed RSS feeds to use cached static files.
  • Updated to support newer snapshots, added search in the log window, fixed twitter feeds, fixed crash when profile name starts with quotes, fixed crash when profile environment not found.
  • Compatible with the Minecraft 1.7 launcher, supports all Minecraft versions downloaded by the new launcher.

Installation tutorial:

Installing a tool is very easy in minecraft and like the most tools, Magic Launcher has its own installer. All you have to do is to download the Magic Launcher Tool for Minecraft 1.6.X and then just double-click the installer tool. After few minutes you will be done and as well able to enjoy it!

Download Magic Launcher Tool for Minecraft 1.7.5 on Windows

Download Magic Launcher Tool for Minecraft 1.7.5 on MAC

Download Magic Launcher Tool for Minecraft 1.7.5 on Linux

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  • notch

    i cant find how to download the magic launcher

  • socc14

    how do u download this

  • ashton


  • RedNess

    dude when i downlaod it for some reason it will be a . jar not a exe or a other file extension need help

  • Dysfunkshun

    There is no .exe install file to install it to the computer please help

    • eMinecraft

      Yes, is .jar and working on Windows, MAC & Linux .jar file! You need .exe file?
      Download from here on .exe !

      • eMinecraft

        Now you can download this tool for all 3 platforms populated! :)

  • notch1

    i know right i can’t find how to download magic launcher

  • notch1

    this is gay

  • Dperson

    I like pie

  • Dperson

    and i LOVE noodles
    and shtuv

  • joeydeguzman2005

    wheres the download button

  • Ryan

    you guys are blind? the download buttons are in huge blue letters

  • Anonymous

    above here is tags, an add that probly says download or play now, DONT click, above are 3 ULRs. Mac, windows or linux, whichever your computer is.

  • Niklas Van Der Mersch

    It doesn’t work , when I try this with minecrftforge and Tomanyitems , it starts , but doesn’t cuntinue ???

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