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Flan’s Mod 1.5.2 Minecraft 1.5.2

Flan’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 is an amazing mod and it is coming with a group of unique ideas that are implemented into your minecraft world. You might have installed some mods now into your game, but is there any link between them or you just installed because you like each mod’s feature? Well, Flan’s Mod is what we call a mod pack and it implements into your game so many features that create a story for your minecraft game. Mods are developed for you, the minecraft player, so you can be more entertained just by simply installing some additional stuff. I think you have already noticed that mods are evolving fast and each update brings something cooler to the game and I think that’s the main reason why we are looking so desperate about new released mods. By the way, you know what a mod pack is and what’s the purpose of it? Well, imagine you create a mod about cars and after some time you get bored and you want to add something else to that mod, but instead of doing that you create another mod that is connected to the previous one. Now you have a mod pack.


Flan’s Mod Features are simply the best because they fit great with your game and as well they change your gameplay into something like a fairytale. This pack gives you the ability to craft a plane, which might take a while but it will be fun! Then, after you craft it, you can travel all around your minecraft world and you will be amazed by the landscape as well. This mod pack is really amazing and if you ask me I think that every minecrafter out there should have it installed.

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge API;
  2. Download Flan’s Plane Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 or 1.5.1;
  3. Locate your Mods folder inside your minecraft folder;
  4. Drag all the content of the downloaded mod inside your Mods folder;
  5. Have fun! Now you can experience this mod.

Download Flan’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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  • Ethoooopj

    Awesome easy to download and fun

  • MrHappy

    I can’t find a Mods folder in the contents of my Minecraft application. Am using MAC O/S. The contents of Minecraft are only: info.plist, a Mac OS folder with Java ApplicationStub inside, Pkginfo, and a Resources folder with en.lproj, favicon.icns and a java folder with the launcher .jar file in it. Any idea where I can put the downloaded planes mod to make my instance of Minecraft recognise and use it? Thanks

  • eMinecraft

    Install Minecraft Forge for make “Mods” folder!

  • 3t23t

    i cant download it on this link

    • (insert name here)

      Yes Please update link

  • Max

    BTW the link on flans forum is unavailable and here its “Blocked for Violation”

  • (insert name here)

    Plz update link

    • eMinecraft

      New link update!

  • joker

    minecraft won’t lunch when i put this in the mods folder -_-

    • Notch

      Did you put modloader?

  • Random Guy


    Because on The Forums the link there was “Error (404)”

    (there using dropbox through)

  • FrustratedPerson

    How on earth do you craft vehicles/planes!? I have the mod and contents packs installed but I can’t figure out where to put anything on a crafting table!(I am using a vehicle crafting table, and am trying to make a car) I am a new to this mod and am extremely frustrated that no one has posted anything about how you craft the vehicles. I have looked all over the internet trying to find some tutorial on how you actually make the vehicles, so could someone please post something on what to do with the parts. And please no links to youtube videos, because my parents have put a youtube block on the internet, so that wouldn’t help at all.

  • tom


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