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Elements RPG Resource Pack 1.6.1 Minecraft 1.6.1

Elements RPG resource pack is a texture pack for the new update, ie for Minecraft 1.6.1! It was created by DarthRiddle and  is performed at a resolution of 64×64, and works without installing Optifine HD or MCPatcher HD. See below more information, installation, download links!


Changelog v1.6:

  • Creepers make exploding sound when killed.
  • Update for Minecraft 1.6.1

Installation tutorial:

  1. Make sure you are on Minecraft 1.6.1 and have the new Launcher.
  2. Download Elements_RPG_Resourcepack.zip
  3. Unzip Elements_RPG_Resourcepack in AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks
  4. Open Launcher and make click on Play
  5. Now you’re in the normal menu Minecraft
  6. Now, go to “Options …” button and make click on he.
  7. Now you have a button “Resource Packs”, click on it and select the desired texture pack.

NOTE: You need to install Optifine or MCPatcher for 1.5.2!

Download Elements RPG Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.6.1

Download Elements RPG Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.5.2

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  • Darko

    first reasurce pack and it is awesome. Good Job


  • american

    2 hours wooooo

  • Cant download

    this is a waste of time :P this takes an hour and im not patient, but the texture pack does look cool :(

  • g392

    Texture pack looks good on blocks and items, but mobs in general and especially the villagers are creepy.

  • borgsy2

    this is the only texture pack for 1.6 on this site

  • sparky13176

    lol downloaded it in 2 min

  • fast download

    only takes 2 min to download

  • http://beta.scratch.mit.edu/users/12donuts/ 12donuts

    Not for me it doesn’t.

  • Auron9633

    Mine took 3 minutes to download :p

    • awestone

      Lol Me Too Do U Use Chrome

    • dildo


    • toball

      It only took 30 sec for me XD

    • mc pickaxe


  • pj02143

    Love it. Really adds to the game.

    • ur dad

      that’s what she said

  • slaphappy

    what are you all on about, took 10 seconds for me

  • speedyeyeball

    it took 30 seconds for me

  • jotthew000

    This takes such a long time to download, maybe because of my slow computer, but i can’t wait to try it out!

    • gabe

      you and me both

  • PayChing

    how do u install it

  • some guy

    Hey, I just got the pre-release. I downloaded the pack, put it in the pack folder and it’s unresponsive, do I have to unzip anything? I’m really bad at following instructions.

    • Jennifer

      same here

  • some guy

    Sorry, I’m an idiot, I just read the instructions. DERP!

    Really cool pack btw.

    • devious Spacebar


    • super sheep

      yep your an idiot and something we russians like to call baka

  • lollypopguy

    only 1 min

  • borgsy2

    its at 8mins too me right now

    • timmy

      took me 3 hrs

  • borgsy2

    im using my very slow labtop last time i had it on my pc but now minecraft deletid and il dowload it back

  • borgsy2

    and on my othere pc it does not have the network working

  • Dean Collins

    Home run!!!!!

  • AndyDuhAwesome

    I’m making an adventure pack and would like to use this is my resource pack can i?
    it’s a 1.6 adventure map.. And plz i rlly love your resource pack

  • AndyDuhAwesome

    Can i use your this pack in my adventure map im working on?
    Cuz i rlly love your Resource pack.. also, i was working with a command block and i nearly had a heart attack when i first saw it.. for some reason i thought it was Noahcrafts Skin xDDD

  • henkie1234


  • Archery713

    Wow, I like this even though it is one of the first!

  • Saphira1001

    Jotthew000 … its just your computer. took me 21 sec

  • ksjdfh

    15 secs

    • SkyFire5211

      I didn’t even have a dl time it just downloaded instantly SUCKERS

  • 3dgamer101

    This took 1 second to download for me. lol.

    • Skyfire5211

      Oh yes so true

  • cooldude51

    my computers like the slowest in the world and it only takes 2 mins to get

  • grumm

    IT takes 1 minute for me on mc 1.6.1
    but its cool

  • master

    took me about 1 min

  • the man man

    epic job Darko

  • guy under your bed

    Took me 15 mins But it was worth it Awesome job!!

  • Sw4gie

    The reason it takes so long to download is because it’s a resource pack and contains sond files wich makes the file bigger

  • Jennifer

    it wont go into the resource pack folder…

  • Bob

    why is everyone debating about download times? jeez.

  • jampixel

    i think this is the one of the first resourse packs good job as well

  • VoltzJoltz

    Didnt work

  • X920MikeyB

    Not working on 1.6.1? I’ve downloaded the 1.6.1 one put it in resourcepacks but can’t find it ingame?

  • Malorn

    Awesome!!! Try out the music discs! They have different music in them (well most of them)!

  • Jonas AJS

    I hate the sound of the zombies. SO CREEPY! :o
    (especially at night IRL) Uhhhh

  • Jonas AJS

    The ghasts are just hillarious.
    I’m just hitting them again and again, because of their screaming. :D

  • therealzelda

    it was instantly done and I have a million viruses! you guys must have anchient computers XD

  • M1ndFu5ion

    I put it in the resource folder and it wont show up in minecraft

  • jue

    takes a long time to download but worth it

  • dag609

    10 secs for mine to download

  • ~the21st

    It took like 5 seconds with my new computer XD

  • buttcheek brain

    took 30 mins!
    lol :D

  • hollyleaf1029

    It would be amazing if someone made a map to go with this :) Awesome resource pack though! :P

  • Jesusman420

    Took like 20 seconds. :P really nice btw!

  • JohnDoesEverything

    how do u even get optifine and mcpatcher??

  • Firsk

    Someone stole stuff from Elemental TD (wc3)…

  • wicketangry

    oh dang 9 mins to download!

  • wtfman

    my dads name is fokje modder

  • That Ginger Kid

    The download was nice and quick, but the unzip of the folder took the mick :’) totally worth it though :) Kudos!

  • some1

    does it have sounds with it? like sword swings and other things?

  • TheDragonBaby

    it took me 5 secs

  • Noobitez

    It Wont Let Me Use The Resorce Pack For Minecraft 1.6.1 What Do I Do?

  • Noobitez

    how do you unzip it?

    • ur dad

      that’s what she said

  • Nico

    Holy crap this is badass. Great Job, man! :)

  • qzawexcrtvybunimolllllpldsvgfh

    should be awesome ill try it


    Mine took about 3 mins

  • Metro

    there is a problem when you download! :(

  • xp2004

    Nice Bro

    • ur mom

      that’s what he said

  • xp2004

    It Pops makes everything stick out!

  • xp2004


  • Eli

    The download said 3 minutes left. It really took me 10. XD

  • ODSNIPA007

    for me it took 4min

  • andres

    how do you download

  • blurpington

    mines downloading and this is my first resources pack/texture pack

  • yoshy112

    its just awsome

  • PenguinoUno

    Dude I made a review of this in youtube. It is awesome. Check it out. My channel name is PenguinoUno. Great job!

  • orgon47

    I don’t like it, it seems sort of sloppy and half done, take a look at any redstone or any villager and you will see what i mean,

  • wolf77

    for me it takes a minute

  • Giak200303

    2 mins

  • regan

    can I have the tecture pack without a wiruse

  • rapist

    after about 1 hour of searching for resource packs i finally find found 1 i can enjoy using in servers

  • VIctor

    very cool

  • Sven1509

    zombies have realy scary sound

  • Stephen

    I can’t find the download link

  • matt

    i look at mb…(me- 70 Megabits WTF!)

  • gardinierj

    Whenever I click on one of the downloading links it sends me to some movies online subscription thingie! What do I do?!

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