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Coterie Craft Texture Pack 1.6.2 Minecraft 1.6.2

Coterie Craft texture pack 16×16, you know how a picture can say a thousand words, right? Well, in minecraft the picture is defined by the texture pack you have installed and it could really say a thousand words. But that’s what happening when you have a high definition texture pack. Coterie Craft resource pack is a low definition texture pack because it comes with an x16 resolution. As well, if you want my opinion, this is not a bad thing because this texture pack has more several plusses that will be acknowledge by means of gameplay experience. So, if you are more interested in what a pack provides than the design that comes with it, you will love this texture pack as much as I did. This texture pack comes with amazing textures of snow and ice and new textures for each and every type of ore, as well there are new textures for each mob, for enchanced chests and at the beginning of the game there’s a whole new logo of minecraft. What’s more to say about this texture? Well, there is much more about it, but you don’t want me to ruin all the fun by telling you everything. So don’t waste any more time, and check the link below. Trust me when I’m saying that this texture pack is amazing enough so it will meet fulfill needs.


Installation tutorial:

  1. First, download this texture pack
  2. Type %appdata% in RUN
  3. Open the .minecraft folder
  4. Open resourcepacks folder
  5. Drag the texture pack .zip file into resourcepacks folder
  6. Enjoy

Download Coterie Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2

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    Perfect! Just what I was looking for! Lol cheesy as heck, ain’t I?

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